About us

Agromorph is a DPIIT recognised start-up with a focus on algal technologies, products and processes. We are a research based, technology consulting and technology developing company having expertise in the development of various algal based upstream and downstream processes and products for application in the food, feed and fuel sectors.


Our projects range from water rejuvenation to algae-based nutraceuticals and valuable nutrients for food fortification.


Agromorph is a diverse team of biotechnologists, management professionals and industry veterans that ensure feasibility and viability of engineering solutions for biological systems. We have a common passion for sustainable technologies and products that motivates us to adapt from nature and adopt for sustainable living.

Dr. Akanksha Agarwal, founder, has completed her doctoral studies in algal biotechnology from Institute of Chemical Technology. Agromorph’s team have a keen focus on generating value from waste and the utilization of sustainable resources for algal biomass generation.

Dr. Akanksha Agarwal

Director R&D

Mr. Abhilesh Agarwal

Business Advisor

Mr. Ravi Parkash

Director Engineering